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Business Law

Apart from preparing the above documentation, we also draft and advise on matters relating to real estate. In case of such matters, we advise our clients regarding compliance with the requisite stamp duty, applicable land laws, registration and other approvals from statutory bodies. Under the purview of real estate, we also cover land acquisition cases, selling and purchase of property, lease and taxation issues considering the fact that we also have gained experience in the following

Criminal Law

This is one aspect of law which requires a lot of attention as it dwells within the society. Criminal litigation is way different from civil litigation as the former rushes to punishment as per the penal law and the latter tries to settle with compensation and dispute resolution. Criminal law demands fine as well as punishment in order to make it more deterrent for the existing criminals in the society. We have a specialized team dealing with such cases where we put in our best of efforts to provide the appropriate relief


International Trade Law

In the arena of international trade, we handle trade disputes through arbitration, conciliation and also litigation depending upon the treaties and regulations. Such disputes also include the resolving of the issues relating to dumping of goods which was a concept established by WTO. Goods in this concern are referred to be dumped when a company exports goods from one country to another at prices less than that in the importing country. Certain companies follow this procedure generally in order to dispose off certain goods which have less demand in the importing country and can be useful in the country they have been exported to. In such situations, these companies are required to pay an anti-dumping duty which is meant to bring back fair trade on an international forum. Consequently, the domestic industry is secured in the aspects of fair trade.

Corporate Law

This is one prospect that keeps developing day by day and it contains a huge bunch of regulations. Corporate Law is bound by five major characteristics which include legal personality of an entity, limited liability, transfer of shares, delegated management under a board structure, and investor ownership. Corporate Law governs the businesses and companies to ensure that there is a legally-guided approach towards the fulfilled achievement of the above-mentioned five characteristics. A company needs to have a proper method of internal control in order to safeguard the shareholders and other stakeholders of the company.  Apart from the directors of the Company, only proper regulations can guide the companies in this aspect. There are various statutes which control the mechanism of corporate governance in Afghanistan.

Employment ant Labor

Employment is another area of focus from a legal point of view. Any kind of employment comes along with a package of guidelines, legal compliance and agreements in the beginning of employment as well as retirement. Along with benefits and compliance, there are certain protective measures as well. Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995 was passed so as to provide equal opportunities in education, employment, social security and an unbiased atmosphere for the disabled. Section 47 of the Act provides that a government establishment is forbidden from reducing an employee’s rank if he or she acquires a disability during the course of their appointment.

Taxation Law

This is a giant sector that encompasses banks, financial institutions and all other possible financing transactions in every industry. Ours is a bank dominated financial sector and commercial banks account for over 60 per cent of the total assets of the financial system followed by the Insurance. Enactment of the RBI Act 1935 gave birth to scheduled banks in India, and some of these banks had already been established around 1981. Our expertise in Banking and Finance covers acquisition & leverage finance, structured finance, global loans, restructuring, external commercial borrowings, SARFEASI (Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest ) as per the Act of the same name enforced in 2002 which deals with any kind of secured loan where the banks have the right to seize or auction the secured assets in case the loan is not repaid and becomes a Non-Performing Asset and various regulatory issues pertaining to the area.

Injury & Health Care

Construction Litigation

Mining / Oil and Gas

Government Affairs

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