Creating a legal framework that encourages investment in Afghanistan is a key part of the Afghan government’s plans for improving the nation’s economic situation. On September 5, 2018, the Cabinet approved five new laws: (1) Minerals Law; (2) Municipality Law; (3) State Owned Corporations Law; (4) Special Economic Zones Law; and (5) Land Development Corporation Law. The new Minerals Law updates the mining license procedures and adds new transparency and anti-corruption provisions. The Municipality Law, which replaces the current Taliban-era law, clarifies the role of municipalities on a variety of social and economic issues. The State Owned Corporations Law improves oversight of corporations in which the government has a significant ownership interest. The Special Economic Zones Law creates a legal framework for the establishment of special economic zones in Afghanistan. The Land Development Corporation Law allows for the establishment of a government-owned entity to form joint ventures with private companies for development projects on state-owned land. More details on each of these key pieces of legislation will be provided as they become available.